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North Indian Fashion Trends: Then and Now

North India has always been a geographically strategic location and as such, it has actually been the center of political struggles for centuries. The clothing fashions of this area are a great way to explore its multi-cultural nature. Numerous of the most popular north Indian clothing, like the salwar kurta or the Punjabi fit, are quite traditional, they have evolved over the years to meet the needs of each new generation.

The most popular casual wear garment for guys that is worn throughout Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and lots of other north Indian states is the salwar kurta. The salwar kurta can be used by males as well as women, though women generally go for the more feminized salwar kameez. The contemporary, combination salwar kurta outfit is worn by both males and women and sometimes, the kurta is worn alone in mix with jeans or trousers.

Today the kurta has ended up being a huge pattern in both Indian and western fashion. The kurta can be worn for daily wear as well as special celebrations depending on the richness of the clothing. The kurta and Nehru jacket mix is one of the most popular wedding event ensembles for men in north India, along with more conventional garments like the silk salwar kurtas and embroidered sherwanis.

The introduction of online portals as the premier mode of buying has truly changed the face of fashion in India. Numerous of these timeless north Indian outfits have become popular and in-demands throughout India. For men and women in various parts of the world interested in buying kurtas, pyjamas, salwars and Punjabi suits, online shopping has shown to be a fantastic benefit. Now, both traditional and traditional varieties of these outfits can be easily purchased no matter where the customer lies.



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